Schedule of Charges for Home Loan

Schedule of Charges for Home Loan variants

w.e.f June 2, 2014

Description Home Loan (all variants)
Administration fee Upto 1% of loan amount
Default interest rate 24% per annum
Lock in period No prepayment (part or full) is allowed within the first
6 months from the date of loan disbursal.
Loan prepayment charges • No part-prepayment can be done on partly disbursed loans.
• Minimum amount to be pre-paid should be at least
6 times the EMI amount or Rs.1 lakh whichever is lower.

Fixed rate loan (all variants):
• Part payment charges are 2.50% of the amount prepaid
• Pre-closure charges are 2.50% of the loan outstanding at the time of loan closure.

Floating rate loan (for Home Loan, Property Purchase Loan and Topup Loan):
• No part payment or prepayment charges.
Duplicate statement charges
(account statement, interest certificate, amortization
schedule etc)
Rs. 200/-
Cheque / ECS / SI bounce charges Rs. 500/-
Repricing fee Upto 1.5% of principal outstanding
(at the request of the borrower, Deutsche Bank at its discretion may permit the borrower for repricing of the loan)
Transaction fee Rs. 500/-
(applicable on all customer initiated EMI / tenure change request including part payments)
Stamp duty charges As applicable depending on local regulations and on the type of mortgage
ECS / PDC swap charges Rs. 500/-
Document retrieval charges Rs. 500/-
Personal credit report issuance charges Rs. 50/-
Service Tax, other government
taxes and levies
As applicable