Email Privacy Policy

Email Privacy Policy


Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Deutsche Bank”) respects the privacy of all its customers. It takes every effort to protect sensitive customer information.

This policy document outlines the steps we take to ensure this and tips on how you can help us.

What is our email privacy policy ?
  • We never spam or send unsolicited mails. If you have not given your email ID to Deutsche Bank, you will not receive email from us.
  • We do not send marketing and promotional mails to your email id without your consent.
  • The infrastructure used to send emails is owned and located at Deutsche Bank premises. Therefore, data is additionally secure and not available to any third parties.
  • We will not share your email id with any third party. Even if we were to bring any interesting offers for you from any third parties, the concerned mail will be sent to you by Deutsche Bank.
  • We take extra precautions when we send sensitive account information
    e.g. E-statements which contain account information are sent as encrypted PDF attachments (with password protection).

How do we collect your email id?

We collect your email ID though the following modes :

  • Account opening form (Customer Information Form)
  • SMS
  • Phone banking
  • db OnlineBanking
  • Contact information update form available at branches, ATM and our website.

We will update your email id, only with your consent and requisite authentication - signature on paper documents, TPIN or customer authentication on phone banking, IPIN on db OnlineBanking & registered mobile no. authentication on SMS.

What kind of communication do we send ?
Email Type Sender Name Email ID sent from

Promotional offers

Deutsche Bank India

Partner offers

Deutsche Bank Partner Offers

Bank a/c e-statement

Deutsche Bank e-statements

Investment e-statement

Deutsche Bank Investment E-statements

Service alerts Deutsche Bank PBC India Service Alert

Account alerts

DbAlert India

Investment (db WealthPro) alerts

DBPBC Investments

(Table 1)

How can you unsubscribe ?

All our promotional / partner offer emails contain an option to unsubscribe (typically at the bottom of the email).

Your request to unsubscribe will be actioned on a best effort basis within 30 days. Unsubscription is based on email type. Hence, if you opt to unsubscribe from one email type you will continue to receive other emails sent by Deutsche Bank unless you choose to unsubscribe to other email type as well. Please refer Table 1 for details on type of emails.

To view our detailed unsubscription policy please visit or click here

Collection of data from emails sent by us
  • We do not seek any confidential / sensitive information through email. Examples of confidential information include - PINs, passwords, CVV, expiry date, issue date, mother's maiden name etc. We do not redirect customers to our online banking login page through any link in the emails.
  • There will be no embedded forms in the email. Any information if asked would be through a link on our portal.
  • Our emails will lead to our websites
    • (or sub domains -, and )
  • Email ids specified for contacting us will always have the domain name (e.g.
  • Our SMS short code is 561615 for receiving various product & service requests from you.

How can you be sure that email sent from Deutsche Bank is authentic (and not coming from a phisher)?
  • All our emails display the last 4 digits of the customer ID to assure you that this is an authentic communication from Deutsche Bank as this information is available only within Deutsche Bank.
  • Emails will only be sent through email IDs mentioned in Table1.
  • In case you are unable to view the senders email ID, please do the following
    a. For email clients like Lotus notes, Microsoft Outlook, etc. you can check the email properties for sender email ID.
    b. For HTML based clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc  - choose show sender information to view sender email ID.
  • If you receive any email which has not been sent through the following domains please be cautioned that the mail has not been sent by Deutsche Bank.
    • information,

Please do forward a copy of that email with your comments to for review.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. We will endeavor to post the most current version of this policy on our website.