SMS Privacy Policy

SMS Privacy Policy


Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Deutsche Bank”) respects the privacy of all its customers. We take every effort to protect sensitive customer information.

This policy outlines the steps we take to ensure this and tips on how you can help us.

What is our SMS privacy policy?
  • We never send unsolicited messages on your mobile phone.
  • If you have not provided your mobile phone number to us, we will endeavor to ensure you do not receive a promotional SMS from us.
  • We do not send marketing and promotional messages to your mobile phone without your consent.
How do we collect your Mobile Phone No.?

We collect your mobile phone number though the following modes:

  • Account opening form
  • Phone banking
  • db OnlineBanking
  • Contact information update form available at branches, ATM and our website

We will update your mobile phone number, only with your consent and requisite authentication – signature on paper documents or through TPIN or customer authentication on phone banking, IPIN on internet banking.

What kind of communication do we send?
SMS Type Sender Name / Number
Promotional offers/Product and Service info XY-160015
Transactional alerts XY-dbAlrt

(Table 1)

* XY- stands for the sender identication. Refer TRAI guidelines for details

** Examples of Transactional alerts -

  • When a new bill has been raised by one of your registered billers on db OnlineBanking, you will receive an alert sms.  
  • When you make an online transaction using your debit card you will receive an alert sms.
How can you unsubscribe?

If you wish to unsubscribe from promotional messages please register for the ‘Do not Call service’ on our website

Alternatively, you can write to  with the subject line ‘Do not Call’.

You can also unsubscribe by registering yourself on NDNC or NCPR by messaging 'START 0' to 1909

Collection of data from SMS sent by us
  • We never seek any confidential / sensitive information through SMS. Examples of confidential information include - PINs, passwords, CVV, expiry date, issue date, mother's maiden name etc.
  • Our SMS may sometimes advise you to visit our website for details.
  • SMS number specified for contacting us will be 561615 unless notified otherwise.
  • SMS which is sent will be from  ‘XY-dbAlrt*’  or from the number XY-160015 only#

If you receive an SMS which has not been sent through one of the senders mentioned above please write to us at .

Click here to view our Email Privacy Policy
Click here for the TRAI guideline for sender identification

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. We will endeavor to post the most current version of this policy on our website.

# Reliance customers will receive our SMS from the mobile number 9987243446. Please note that this is an unattended number. Any calls / messages sent to this number will not be processed.