Current Account Dual Gain

Current Account Dual Gain

Current Account Dual Gain

An ideal account for businesses that want to leverage the balances in the personal accounts for better fund management.

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Current Account Dual Gain facilitates grouping of Current and Savings Account. There is no need to commit the minimum balance in individual account,  you  need  to maintain an aggregated average quarterly balance of Rs. 100,000.

The account offers an automated fund transfer facility between / among business and personal accounts. All funds transfers and cheque payment instructions will consider the pool balance of the selected grouped accounts. For instance, if the current account, on which the cheque is issued, doesn’t have the balance to honor the cheque, funds will be pooled in from the linked Personal Savings Account.

Benefits :

  • Free of charge unlimited payable at par cheque utilization.
  • Free of charge Demand Draft on Deutsche Bank locations up to Rs. 4.2 crores per annum.
  • Free of charge Demand Draft on more than 500 key business locations up to Rs. 4.2 crores per annum.
  • Free of charge Pay-order for up to Rs. 4.2 crores per annum.
  • Free of charge outstation cheque collection on Deutsche Bank locations up to Rs. 3 crores per annum.
  • Free of charge  NEFT & RTGS  funds  transfer.
  • Free of charge db OnlineBanking access to automate payments and transaction tracking.

* For free limits refer to the Schedule of Charges.

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Following are the account combinations that are eligible for the benefits of Current Account Dual Gain

  • Current Account of Sole Proprietor firm and Savings A/c of Proprietor
  • Current Account of Partnership firm and Savings A/c of any Partner / Authorized signatory
  • Current Account of Pvt Ltd company and Savings A/c of Director / Authorized signatory.

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Value-added Services

Personalized Multi-City Cheque Books

Personalized payable-at-par cheque books, absolutely free. Your cheques will be treated as local cheques at all Deutsche Bank branches in India to enable faster outstation payments. There is no restriction on the number of times you can utilize this facility and no limit on the amounts you need to pay out either.

Free of charge* Demand Draft and Pay Order

Deutsche Bank offers you Demand Draft and Pay orders at more than 500 key locations free of charge *.

* For free limits refer to the Schedule of Charges.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

We will provide you dedicated Relationship Manager who has the experience and expertise to fully understand your financial requirements. The Relationship Manager will act as a one point contact to take care of all your banking needs.

Doorstep Banking Services

Our doorstep banking is just a phone call away. We provide quick and convenient pick-up and delivery of cash, cheques and demand drafts to save your time. For regular pick-ups you can have standing instructions set-up where you can choose the convenient time and frequency.

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Easy Cross Border Transactions

We will help you in managing your trade transactions more conveniently

  • Seamless and swift processing of trade documents.
  • Network with correspondent banks worldwide.
  • Competitive rates on trade services and on conversion of foreign currencies.

We offer following services for your Trade transactions:

  • Inward Bills for collection.
  • Outward Bills for collection.
  • Bank Guarantee / Letter of Credit issuance.
  • Inward / Outward remittances.
Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency A/c

Now you can open an EEFC Account with us in 8 currencies i.e. USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, SGD, AUD & DKK, with no minimum balance commitment.

Cash Management Services

We offer range of collection and payment options under Cash Management Services. Through our partner Bank we can facilitate local cheque collection^ on more than 500 locations. We will ensure that we customize the solutions and offer you the customized pricing.

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Free Consolidated Monthly Statement – with payee details

Deutsche Bank offers consolidated statements of all your Deutsche Bank accounts with payee details free of charge.

Wealth Management Services

Presenting db WealthPro**, an integrated web-enabled wealth management tool for Financial Planning which will redefine the way wealth management is perceived and implemented in the country today.


  • Consolidated view of Customer portfolio.
  • Portfolio tracking, analysis and simulation.
  • Buying or redeeming of mutual funds online.

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Ease of Access

At Deutsche Bank, we firmly believe that you need to spend your valuable time in materialising your business plans, instead of chasing banking that is why we offer various touch points to help you access your bank account, thereby taking away all the hassles of banking.

db OnlineBanking

Experience the convenience of our online banking platform which helps you view your account balances and transactions. We also offer a range of online transactions free of any charge.

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24/7 Phone Banking

Our phone banking offers you a convenient way to make requests or inquire and stay in touch with your bank 24x7.

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Fax / Email Instructions

We will ensure that you have access to your account for making any transaction request even sitting at office. Instructions to Deutsche Bank can also be given over fax or email so as to make banking convenient and easier for you.

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Go Green

Partner us in a small change for a greener tomorrow.

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Conditions Apply.

Please refer to the detailed terms and conditions mentioned in the product documentation. The stated product features are subject to change at the sole discretion of Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Deutsche Bank”). Please refer to schedule of charges for free limits.

Deutsche Bank is only a distributor of third party investment/insurance products and not an advisor in offering the Financial Planning, db WealthPro services and any information contained in Deutsche Bank’s brochure or other material and otherwise communicated by Deutsche Bank shall not be construed as investment or insurance advice. All decisions to purchase or sell units / securities / insurance policy shall be on the basis of the personal judgement of the customer arrived at after due consideration and, if so deemed fit by the customer consulting his/her/their own external investment/insurance consultant.

Deutsche Bank reserves the right to request for such documentation and information as it deems necessary to process the loan application. Approval of loan shall be at the sole discretion of Deutsche Bank. The loan shall be subject to due execution of requisite legal documents.

Facilities mentioned  above are subject to change at the sole discretion of Deutsche Bank.