Safe Online Banking

Safe Online Banking

Level of Security

We provide multiple layers of protection to secure your online banking experience:

  • 128 bit encryption to keep your data and transaction safe from prying eyes.
  • Two passwords to provide enhanced security.
  • Virtual keypad to protect you from malicious ‘Spyware’ and ‘Trojan’ programs designed to capture keystrokes.
  • Deutsche Bank monitors Trojan programs on computers that are used to access db OnlineBanking. If any malicious program is detected on any computer where you tried to login, we would disable your internet password. Our phone banking team would inform you about the same and we would send you a new internet password post verification.
  • Alerts to inform you of every transaction carried out on your accounts on your registered mobile number and email ID.


128 bit Encryption

Encryption is a method of transforming data to make it unreadable while being stored in a system and while travelling between computers and systems. This is to prevent unauthorized parties from reading the information. 128 bit SSL is the industry standard for encrypted communication and ensures that customer's interaction with the Bank over the Internet is secure. At Deutsche Bank AG, India, we use 128-bit EV digital certificate from VeriSign for encryption.

Password Security

Passwords are automatically generated, printed on the password mailers, sealed and sent to your mailing address by the system, without manual intervention. Passwords are not sent with any other document or communication for security purposes.Your passwords are kept completely confidential at all times in the Bank's secure systems. Please note that not even the employees of the bank have access to your password information and under no circumstances should the online banking password be shared with anyone including the bank employees.

The transaction password expires in 90 days, after which you are prompted to change the password in order to login at db OnlineBanking. Please note that if you are unable to enter the existing transaction password at the time of changing it to a new one, you will have to request for a new set of passwords.

If you have not logged in with your new/re-issued IPIN for more than 180 days, your access to db OnlineBanking is automatically de-activation.Please call our Phone Banking team at 1860 266 6601#

Virtual keypad feature

The virtual keypad is an online representation of your regular keyboard. Use your mouse to click in your password. It protects you from malicious ‘Spyware’ and ‘Trojan’ programs which are designed to capture keystrokes. We recommend that you use the virtual keypad while logging in from a computer if you are not confident about the computer's security. Examples of insecure environment include cyber café or a machine where the anti-virus software has not been updated.

While regular virtual keypads achieve this by dynamically jumbling the keys, this makes it difficult for the users to input characters. Deutsche Bank’s virtual keypad moves the entire keypad around in a dynamic manner without jumbling the keys, thereby achieving both security and convenience.  

Transaction Alerts

Deutsche Bank can send an SMS and an email informing you about every transaction carried out on your accounts. You can choose the threshold amount over which you should receive the alerts. Additionally, you can choose to receive either on both mobile and email or on any one of them. It is critical that you should update your latest mobile number and email ID with the Bank. You can update the above two details by logging into db OnlineBanking, or by calling our 24/7 phone banking team on 1860 266 6601#.


To protect your account from fraud please take care of the following:

  • Memorize your passwords. If you choose to keep them in writing, make sure they are in a secure place.
  • Never reveal your passwords to anyone including the staff of Deutsche Bank.
  • Never respond to any mails asking for your password. 'Phishing attacks' are attempts at obtaining confidential customer access information via e-mail using forged company e-mail sender addresses that are trusted by the customers. The customer is asked to provide confidential account access information either as a reply to the email or by clicking a link leading to a forged website. Please note that Deutsche Bank will never ask for your confidential or personal information (Account number, Debit Card number, ATM PIN or Online Banking passwords) via e-mail or SMS. Also, you will never be asked to login from a link given in any emailer sent by Deutsche Bank. In case you suspect an email claiming to be from Deutsche Bank is fraudulent, please report it to the Bank immediately.
  • Do not use easy to guess passwords like your date of birth, car registration number etc. Always include both alphabets and numbers in your password.
  • When you enter your Customer ID and password, please ensure that others are not able to see your screen and you are not observed from behind.
  • It is recommended that separate passwords for login and transaction be used as it will enhance the safety of your online banking access.
  • Change your passwords periodically.
  • Avoid online banking from public or shared computers. Never access your account from a computer that is virus infected.
  • Do not open multiple browser windows while banking online.
  • Log out from db OnlineBanking as soon as you have completed your transactions. Also make sure you close that window.
  • If you do not recognize an amount charged to you, please report the same in writing to Deutsche Bank immediately.
  • In case of any other concern, please call our 24/7 phone banking team at 1860 266 6601#

# Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601. Customers in Mumbai can also call at 6601 6601. Call charges apply.