Beware of vishing attacks

Beware of vishing attacks

A new phenomenon called vishing, similar to phishing has now emerged as the latest way to steal valuable user information.

Vishers send out routine text messages or ‘war dials’ hundred of phone and mobile numbers using automated voice through VoIP (Internet telephony). Users are asked to reveal or key-in their confidential details on their phone or mobiles. Once a visher has details like your bank account details, he may use it for unauthorized transactions on your account.

Beware when:
  • You receive an automated call telling you that a major transaction has taken place in your account and instructing you to either provide confidential bank account information or call back on a particular number.
  • You receive a promotional message or call informing you about incentives such as a 2% downgrade on home loan rate or a free upgrade to a platinum debit card with a gift and asking you to provide confidential information.
  • You receive a call with the caller identifying himself as a Deutsche Bank representative, when you are not expecting such a call and asking for confidential information.
  • The caller identifying as a Deutsche Bank representative does not know details like your first name and last name.

How to remain safe:
  • Never call back a phone number sent to you in an email or provided through a phone call and provide confidential bank account information.
  • Never reveal or key-in your confidential details to anyone who calls or e-mails, unless the communication is a response to your query or complaint made previously.
  • Always call our phone banking number on 1860 266 6601#, if you encounter any such calls or messages.  

In terms of its policy, Deutsche Bank AG, does not call and seek any confidential information of the customer. However, Deutsche Bank customer care may call a customer and ask for confidential information for verification & authentication only in response to that customer’s request / query / complaint.

Below are some of the scenarios when Deutsche Bank representative may ask your confidential information:

To resolve a complaint, received through phone / email / escalation through Senior Management / RBI.

  • To complete a request for service / information, which may have been received through phone / email.
  • Call back promised to the customer by our phone banking team since info / systems were not available at that time / phone banking officer was not empowered to take a decision.

# Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601. Customers in Mumbai can also call at 6601 6601. Call charges apply.