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Add-on Fixed Deposit Form

Click here for Add-on Fixed Deposit Form - Individual

Click here for Add-on Fixed Deposit Form - Non Resident Individual

Important Instructions:

  • Only an existing customer can open a new Fixed Deposit through this form.
  • Fixed Deposit would be booked in INR and maximum limit is Rs.15 lakhs only.
  • No cheque would be accepted. Fixed Deposit can be booked only by debiting your existing Savings or Current account.
  • Savings or Current account should have sufficient funds to execute the Fixed Deposit request.
  • Please fill only one option for Interest Payout and Maturity Instructions.
  • If maturity date is falling on a holiday, maturity date will be the next working day for the respective currency. 
  • The date of booking the Fixed Deposit would be the date of receipt of duly filled application form.
  • In case of DD / PO, please provide beneficiary ‘payable’ location. The DD / PO will be dispatched to your mailing address maintained with us.