Banking Account Information

Once you validate with your T-PIN, you would hear the balance in your account. Immediately, after the message, you can press in the following for your specific queries:

Press 1 Account Details

Press 1.1 Account balance of your current / savings account
Press 1.2 Last five transactions
Press 1.3.1 Today’s account statement (post and e-mail)
Press 1.3.2 Account statement for a specific period

Press 2 Stop Cheque & Cheque Related

Press 2.1 To Stop Cheque
Press 2.2 For Cheque status
Press 2.3 For Cheque book / deposit slip request

Press 3 Pin Request

Press 3.1 ATM Pin request
Press 3.2 Change T-PIN
Press 3.3 Internet Pin Request