Navigator Forex Card

Frequently asked questions

How does the Navigator Forex Card work?

You can load a Navigator Forex Card with funds at the time of purchase of the card. After loading, you can use the card for cash withdrawal or for shopping at merchant outlets internationally. With each transaction, the remaining value on the card would be decreased. You can continue to use your card as long as there is balance available on the card account.

What currencies can be loaded on Navigator Forex Card?

Currently, the following currencies are available for loading on Navigator Forex Card: USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD, SEK, JPY, CHF, AED, SAR, THB, NZD, HKD, ZAR and DKK.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can load on the Navigator Forex Card?

There is no minimum amount cap for loading of the card, you can load as per your requirement. Maximum amount that can be loaded depends upon applicable FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) regulation.

Do I need to have an Deutsche Bank account to purchase Navigator Forex Card?

You don't need an account relationship with Deutsche Bank to purchase a Navigator Forex Card. You can provide self account cheque from your other bank account for loading onto the card. But, you will need to complete the KYC requirement before purchase of the card.

If you have Deutsche Bank account, you can purchase the card over the counter after providing relevant travel documents.

Can I have more than two cards?

No, you can have one Navigator Forex Card at any given point of time.

Can I apply for Navigator Forex Card if I already hold Axis Bank Travel Card?

No, you can not hold Navigator Forex Card from Deutsche Bank if you have already taken Axis Bank Multicurrency or Travel Card.

What are the foreign exchange rates charged at the time of purchase?

You are charged with the ongoing foreign exchange rate of that day offered by Deutsche Bank. Similarly, for refunds, the prevailing foreign exchange rate is applied.

Is a temporary block facility available on the card?

Yes, if you want to block the card temporarily, you can do so yourself by logging your online card access. You may also call Axis Bank 24-hour Phone Banking at +91-40-67174100. You will need to follow the same process to re-activate the card.

If I am traveling to two different countries in one trip, can I get two different currencies loaded on the same card?

Yes, a Navigator Forex Card can be loaded with multiple currencies. However, you cannot make one transaction / payment in separate currencies. You may also choose to carry a card in only one currency and use it worldwide, irrespective of the currency of the destination country. However, a cross currency rate will be applicable in cases where the card is used in currencies different from the currency of the card.

Can I use the card in India, Nepal or Bhutan?

No. under FEMA guidelines, you cannot use the card in India, Nepal or Bhutan.

Can I retain the foreign exchange on my Navigator Forex Card after returning to India?

You can retain the residual balance in the card only if it is less than $2000. If the balance in the card is more than $2000, refunds have to be claimed within 180 days from date of arrival (as per RBI regulations).

What if I forget the ATM PIN of my Navigator Forex Card?

The card gets blocked for use at ATMs, if the card has been used with the wrong ATM PIN more than 3 times. This is for your own security and to prevent any fraudulent use on the card.

If you have forgotten the ATM PIN, you can request for regeneration of the PIN with Axis 24-hour Phone Banking team. You will receive new ATM PIN at your registered email id within 24 hours.

How do I withdraw cash from an ATM using the Navigator Forex Card?

You can use your Navigator Forex Card at any Visa ATM Internationally.

Generally, the options available at the ATM for cash withdrawal are Checking, Credit and Savings. You should choose the Checking / Current option. In case the Checking / Current option is not available, you should select the Credit option. The Savings option does not link to the VISA network and hence the transaction would not be successful.

What documents are needed during purchase / reload?

Please click here to know more.

What is the current 'Schedule of Charges'?

For schedule of charges click here.

When can I start using the card?

You are advised to commence the usage of the card only after a couple of hours. You are also advised to ensure that you receive the PIN and sign on the signature panel at the back of the card. It is also advisable to change the PIN and check the balance on the card at any Axis Bank ATM before your departure from the country. Please note, you will see balance only for 1st Wallet loaded on your card in equivalent USD at the Axis Bank ATM. If you have loaded any other currency, the balance for that currency would not be shown at the ATM, you can use your online access to check the balance for all wallets.

How can I confirm if my card has been loaded / reloaded?

You would receive an SMS confirmation as soon as your card is loaded / reloaded. It is advisable to check the balance on the card at any Axis Bank ATM before your departure from the country. You can also check your balance on website using the login id and password provided for your online card access.

Is there a daily transaction limit for ATM withdrawal or purchase at a merchant establishment?

There is a daily limit of USD 10000 or equivalent for purchases at a merchant establishment and a daily limit of USD 5000 or equivalent for cash withdrawal from ATM.

What is Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS) provided to customers?

This is a priced service provided by VISA. Navigator Forex Cardholders can receive assistance from VISA Global Customer Assistance Service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. GCAS can be used for lost / stolen card reporting, emergency cash assistance, emergency card replacement or miscellaneous information that you may require overseas.

Please note that these services are charged as follows:

  • Miscellaneous Customer Service Inquiries: USD 5 per enquiry.
  • Lost / Stolen Card reporting: USD 35 per card.
  • Emergency Card Replacement (upto USD 2000): USD 25.
  • Emergency Cash Assistance: USD 175 (upto USD 5000); Additional handling charges: USD 25 on disbursement.

Click here for Visa toll free numbers.

What are the exchange rates applicable when I use my Card for transactions (Cash withdrawal at ATMs and point of sale transactions at Merchant Outlets)?

If the transaction is done in base currency (currency with which the card was loaded), there is no exchange rate applicable. However, for transactions other than the base currency, exchange rates / conversion rates from the base currency to the local currency would be applicable as per fine rates applied by VISA. Currency conversion is done automatically in an international online environment by VISA.

Whom should I contact, in case I have any dispute on a transaction?

In case you have a dispute on any specific transaction, you are requested to provide the details of the transaction to the email id - for doing the needful.

Please tell me more about Insurance Cover.

Insurance Cover: Complimentary insurance cover to safe guard you from any fraudulent usage on your Navigator Forex Card due to lost / stolen / counterfeit cards. The insurance cover is provided upto INR 1,50,000.

ATM assault and robbery: We provide cover upto INR 60,000 including the expense incurred towards medical treatment. Please note FIR is mandatory for ATM assault and robbery claim.

Period of coverage:

  • For Lost Card
    • Pre-reporting - 38 days
    • Post-reporting - 3 days
  • For Counterfeit / Skimmed card
    • Pre-reporting - 38 days
    • Post-reporting - 3 days

Please call Axis 24-hour Phone Banking +91-40-67174100, officer would assist you with the claim process.

Please note: Claim documents should be sent to insurance company within 50 days from the date of intimation to Bank.

Is remote reloading possible on the card?

You may leave a signed copy of the reload form and authorization with your family. Your family member can approach Deutsche Bank Branch with the reload form. On submission of the documents and receipt of the payment, the card would be reloaded.

How can I get a refund of unspent balances?

The card can be encashed only after your return to India. Furthermore, the last transaction done on the card should be more than 10 days prior to the date of encashment. For refund of the residual or unutilized balances you can approach any of the branch of the Bank irrespective of where the card was issued. You need to complete the refund form and submit a copy of your passport along with the form.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

You can call the Axis Bank 24-hour helpline +91-40-67174100 or send an email to email helpdesk to report a lost or stolen card. Customer Service Executives will immediately block the lost card and prevent it from further use and arrange to send you a replacement card within 2 working days. It is important to note that a lost card report will be taken only after verification of your Mother's maiden name, Date of Birth, Passport no etc.

Is there any other way in which I can keep a track of my balance and the latest transactions?

You can access the card online module for keeping a track of your balances and the transactions done on your card.
The user id is your 16 digit card number. The password is enclosed in the welcome kit in a sealed envelope for security reasons. Click here to login to your card online.

What should I do if I lose my Navigator Forex Card / ATM PIN or online card access password?

In case of loss of card, ATM PIN or online access password, you are requested to write to the helpdesk at or call customer service at +91-40-67174100.

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

In certain countries, the acquiring banks may choose to activate the feature of Dynamic Currency Conversion on their ATMs and POS machine network. As per this facility, the ATM / POS machine identifies the Navigator Forex Card as a card issued from a foreign country and prompts the customer to transact in their home currency (in case of Indians, this would be Indian Rupees). If a customer selects the home currency / INR option, additional cross-currency charges are levied by the acquiring bank (the bank that runs the ATM / POS machine).

We urge you to note that as the Navigator Forex Card is purchased and loaded with the purpose of using the card in the respective foreign currency, the customer must avoid selecting any option that prompts for a change in usage currency to avoid any adverse exchange rate.

The Dynamic Currency Conversion feature may appear with differing terminology depending on the overseas bank.

Deutsche Bank / Axis Bank is not responsible for any Dynamic Currency Conversion related charges and will not be able to refund any such charges in case they are levied on account of wrong usage of card.

Can I know more about pre-authorizations taken at Hotels / Car Rentals / Cruise liners and what needs to be done in such cases?

  • You can use the card to pay your hotel bills at the time of check-out. However, please avoid using your card for checking-in (pre-authorization) at hotels. If you choose to use your card at the time of check in, the funds on your card will be blocked till such time that the bills is finally settled. To prevent blocking of funds please make sure that all the test swipes are cancelled.
  • If you have already settled your bill through other mode, please request the hotel to send a scanned copy of the Authorization Cancellation letter on the letterhead of the hotels settlement bank or on the hotels letterhead to us via email. Further, the hotel should state that you have settled this bill through some other mode and they don't need the authorization taken any more.
  • If you have already checked out from the hotel and unable to provide the letter, you may provide us with the copy of the final paid bill which contains the check-in and check-out dates and mode of payment.
  • If the hotel claims that the transaction was declined at their end then you should request the hotel to send us scanned copy of the letter through email stating that you have settled this bill through some other mode and they will not be raising any claims against your card from us.

Are there any regulatory restrictions on usage of my card?

Usage of the card needs to be in accordance with the Exchange Control Regulation of Reserve Bank of India and the applicable laws in force from time to time and the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. Also, note that the card is not to be used for margin payments being made for online forex trading transactions.
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