Schedule of charges for Private Banking Infinity

Schedule of charges for Private Banking Infinity

w.e.f July 17, 2017
Account Title Savings Account Infinity@

Average quarterly balance (AQB) /
Assets under management (AUM)#

AUM >= Rs. 1 crore
Family account title Free of charge
Grouping Unlimited grouping

Average quarterly balance (AQB) /
Assets under management (AUM)#

AUM >= Rs. 1 crore
Payable at par cheque book - personalised Free of charge
Payable at par utilization Free of charge
Monthly statement with payee details Free of charge
Duplicate statement Free of charge

Cheque issued and returned financial reasons (per Instrument)

Rs. 350

Cheque issued and returned technical reasons per instrument)

Free of charge
Cheque deposited and returned Free of charge
Stop payment - single cheque Free of charge
Stop payment - range of cheques Free of charge
International Infinite Debit Card
(annual fees)
Free of charge
Add-on International Infinite Debit Card (annual fees) Free of charge
Replacement of damaged International Infinite Debit Card Free of charge
Replacement of lost / stolen International Infinite Debit Card Free of charge
Regeneration of duplicate pin Free of charge
ATM Cash Withdrawal limit and
POS Utilisation limit
Default limit: Rs. 50,000
Flexible limit: Rs. 50,000, Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 1.5 lakh, Rs. 2.5 lakh, Rs. 5 lakh
ATM Cash Withdrawal limit
per transaction at Other Bank ATMs
Rs. 10,000
Number of Free Transactions at
other Bank ATMs (Domestic)
Unlimited free of charge
Cash withdrawal (International)**

Free Transaction on Global ATM Alliance
Network* ATMs; Other ATMs Rs. 115 per Transaction.

Balance enquiry (International) Rs. 35 per transaction
Demand drafts on Deutsche Bank locations Free of charge without limits
Demand drafts on Non - Deutsche Bank locations Free of charge upto Rs. 5 lakh per month
Pay order Free of charge without limits
Foreign currency demand draft (per instrument) Free of charge
Demand draft / pay order cancellations / revalidation / duplicate (per instrument) Free of charge
Outstation cheque collection at Deutsche Bank branch locations Free of charge
Outstation cheque collection at Non - Deutsche Bank branch locations Up to Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 25 per instrument,
Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50 per instrument,
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 1 lakh - Rs. 100 per instrument,
Rs. 1,00,001 and above - Rs. 150 per instrument
National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) Free of charge
RTGS (per transaction) Free of charge
Foreign currency cheque collection Rs. 150
Outward remittance (per transaction) Free of charge
Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) Free of charge
Cash deposit / withdrawal (Non - Domicile Branch) Free of charge without limits
Standing instruction set up (per instruction) Free of charge
Standing instruction amendments (per instruction) Free of charge

Standing instruction failure (per instruction)

Rs. 350

Account Closure Nil
Activation of Dormant Account Free of charge 
ECS debit instructions issued by customer and returned unpaid (per instrument) Rs. 350
Certificate of balance and interest certificate (current year) Free of charge
Signature verification certificate (per verification) Free of charge
Charge slip copy retrieval Free of charge
Retrieval of documents - document
upto 6 months old (per document)
Free of charge

*Global ATM Alliance includes Deutsche Bank ATM worldwide, Bank of America in USA, Scotia Bank in Canada, Chile, Mexico and Caribbean Islands, BNP Paribas in France, Barclays Bank in UK and Africa, Westpac in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific
**Mark-up of 3.5% on all International Transactions (Cash Withdrawals & Point-of-Sale transactions)
#AUM includes investments in all Mutual Funds (except liquid Mutual Funds), Insurance, Fixed Deposits & Savings Account balances right through the quarter
##Domestic Gold Debit Card will be issued for a Non Resident Ordinary (NRO) Accounts          
###Not available for NRO / NRE Savings Account

@No minimum balance requirement if the relationship value is > Rs. 1 crore - NRE / NRO Savings Account Infinity

Government taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per the prevailing rates will be extra.
These Service Charges are subject to change as per Bank's policies

+Tier A Cities: Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad

+Tier B Cities: Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Salem, Vellore, Moradabad, Ludhiana, Surat

Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Bank”) is only a distributor of third party investment / insurance products and not an advisor in offering investment / insurance advice and any information contained in this brochure or otherwise communicated by the Bank shall not be construed as investment or insurance advice. All decisions to purchase or sell units / securities / insurance policy shall be on the basis of the personal judgment of the customer arrived at after due consideration and after understanding the risk factors associated with their chosen investments carefully and consulting their own independent advisor prior to making any investment decisions. The Bank does not in any manner guarantee any returns on any investment or insurance products. All investments are subject to market risks and there is no assurance or a guarantee that the objectives of any investment schemes will be achieved. Information concerning past performance is not necessary a guide to future performance. This brochure should not form the basis of any investment decision by customers. The recommended asset allocation herein is as per your inputs in the risk profiling questionnaire. The recommendation may change from time to time without prior notice. The recommendation assumes that factors affecting your risk profile have not changed. In case of any change, we suggest that you should contact your relationship manager and re-assess your risk profile using the tools available with the Bank. The opinions, expectations and other information herein is based on certain assumptions and projections which may not be entirely accurate and accordingly the analysis may not accurately reflect the financial status, needs or risk ability of the customer. The Bank does not guarantee or make any representation, express or implied, with respect to the fairness, correctness, accuracy, adequacy, quality, efficacy, reliability, reasonableness, viability for any particular purpose or completeness of any information herein and is not responsible for any errors or omissions in or for results obtained from the use of such information.

With effect from April 1, 2015: In line with RBI guidelines (RBI Circular no DBR.Dir.BC.No.47/13.03.00/2014-15), customers who have not maintained the required balance threshold for a quarter across both Assets Under Management (AUM) and Average Quarterly balances (AQB) would be sent an intimation of the same on their mobile number or email address or physical address as registered with the Bank, at the end of the cycle. The quarterly balances across both AUM & AQB would then be reviewed post a month of the charge cycle, and in the event of non – maintenance again, service fee would be applied as a percentage of the shortfall observed in the actual AQB maintained from the required threshold of AQB OR actual AUM maintained from the required threshold of AUM whichever is lower. It will be the responsibility of the customer to have a valid e-mail ID, mobile number and address updated with the Bank at all times, failing which, customer may not receive the notification(s).

For example, Calendar Quarter Q1 (January – February – March) Requirement: AUM Rs. 1.5 lakh or AQB Rs. 1 lakh with a flat charge of Rs. 1,500 AUM / AQB will be checked for Q1 in April. Incase client has not maintained the requisite balances, communication will be sent giving 1 months’ notice i.e. April. Post one month’s period, AQB / AUM will be recalculated for February – March – April in May. Incase client does not maintain either AUM or AQB i.e. AUM is Rs. 120,000 and AQB is Rs. 50,000, the shortfall for both AUM & AQB will be calculated i.e. AUM 1.2 lakh / 1.5 lakh = 80% i.e. shortfall of 20% and AQB 50,000 / 1,00,000 = 50% i.e. shortfall of 50%. Lower shortfall is observed in AUM i.e. 20% hence the charges will be levied basis the AUM shortfall i.e. Charge will be Rs. 1500 X 20% = Rs. 300.