Now you can earn a cumulative yield* of 10.09% (simple interest rate of 8.25%) on a 5 year deposit. (*cumulative yield is calculated till the end of the tenure.)

Non Residents can choose from two types of Indian Rupee Fixed Deposits:

NRE Fixed Deposit

  • - Can be opened jointly with Non Resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs)
  • - Principal along with interest are completely repatriable
  • - Interest income on balances of the NRE Fixed Deposit is exempt from income tax
  • - Tenor ranges from 1 to 5 years
  • - The deposit is automatically renewed on maturity in the absence of any other instruction

NRO Fixed Deposit

  • - Can be opened jointly with Resident Indians. Your family in India can be joint account holders.
  • - An ideal investment option for savings and income arising out of India.
  • - Tenor ranges from 7 days to 5 years.
  • - Interest on the deposit is credited every three months or at the time of maturity

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Small investment today will go a long way to build wealth for tomorrow. 

Invest in SIP today!

NRE Fixed Deposit rates

w.e.f. May 23, 2018

Tenure  Interest Rate per annum (%)
1 Yr 6.75
> 1 Yr - 2 Yrs 7.50
> 2 Yrs - 3 Yrs 7.50
> 3 Yrs - 4 Yrs 7.50
> 4 Yrs - < 5 Yrs 7.50
5 Yrs 8.25
  • Initial minimum fixed deposit size is Rs. 20,000.
  • Premature withdrawal:

    For Single Deposit of less than INR 1 crore
    • Less than 1 year : no interest
    • 1 year & above : A penal rate of 1% would be charged i.e. the interest rate applicable will be the rate as on the date of booking for the period for which the deposit has run less applicable penalty

    For Single Deposit of >= INR 1 crore
    • Less than 1 year: no interest
    • 1 year & above: A penal rate of 1% would be charged i.e. the interest rate applicable will be the rate as on the date of booking for the period for which the deposit has run less applicable penalty
  • Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice.

NRO Fixed Deposit rates

w.e.f. May 23, 2018

Tenure  < Rs. 1 crore  
 Interest Rate  Interest Rate for Senior Citizens*
 7 Days  4.00 4.00
 8 - 14 Days  4.35 4.35
 15 - 29 Days  4.50 4.50
 30 Days  5.00                 5.00                
 31 - 45 Days  5.00                 5.00                
 46 - 59 Days  5.25                5.25                
 60 - 89 Days  5.50 5.50                
 90 - 99 Days  5.50 6.00
 100 Days  6.00 6.50
 101 - 180 Days  6.00 6.50
 181 - 270 Days  6.50 7.00
 271 Days - 1 Yr  6.75 6.75
 > 1 Yr - 1.5 Yrs  7.50                 7.50                
 > 1.5 Yrs - 2 Yrs  7.50                 7.50                
 > 2 Yrs - 3 Yrs  7.50                 7.50                
 > 3 Yrs - 4 Yrs  7.50 7.50                
 > 4 Yrs - < 5 Yrs  7.50                 7.50                
 5 Yrs  8.25                 8.25

Please note :

  • Interest Rate per annum (%).
  • Please contact your Relationship Manager or Branch for applicable interest rates on any deposit equal to or greater than Rs.1 crore.
  • Special interest rates quoted above (for tenors more than 1 year) are applicable for deposits of value less than Rs.1 crore only.
  • No interest is payable for deposits withdrawn prematurely before 7 days.
  • Premature withdrawal
    For premature withdrawal of fixed deposits on 7th day or thereafter, a penal rate of 1% would be charged, i.e., the interest rate applicable will be the rate as on the date of booking for the period for which the deposit has run less applicable penalty.
  • Minimum fixed deposit amount is Rs. 20,000.
  • Interest Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The following interest payout options available for the customer
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Cumulative
  • *Applicable only for Retail Deposits - Senior Citizens i.e. Resident Individuals of age
    60 years & above and excludes Non-Resident individuals, Individuals in their capacity as a Karta in HUFs and all non individuals. Incase of joint accounts the first holder should be a senior citizen to avail of these rates.

Book Online

Now you can open your Fixed Deposit Account at your convenience through db OnlineBanking.

Types of Fixed Deposits that can be booked online:

  • Regular Fixed Deposit for resident / non-resident ordinary (NRO) accounts.
  • Regular Fixed Deposit for non-resident external (NRE) accounts.

Book your FD online in 2 minutes and 4 simple steps:

  • Log on to db OnlineBanking
  • Choose 'Book Fixed Deposit' online option                       
  • Specify amount, tenure and interest payout frequency
    - For booking deposits online, the initial minimum fixed deposit is INR 20,000 and maximum is INR 99.99 lakhs
    - Contact your branch for booking deposits of higher amounts
    - Payout frequency can be - Monthly, Quarterly or at Maturity for NRO Deposits and Quarterly or at Maturity for NRE Deposits                       
  • Enter your transaction password and confirm                       

Your Fixed Deposit will be displayed in your account from the next working day. Your fixed deposit advice can be viewed and downloaded at a later stage from the service request query menu within online banking.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) is an Agreement entered by India with various countries. Under the current DTAA provisions, NRI customers will be entitled to lower withholding tax (TDS) subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.

With the DTAA benefit, you can now enjoy the benefit of concessional rate of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on the interest of your NRO Account or Fixed Deposit, providing you a higher yield as compared to the regular NRO Account or Fixed Deposit.

You can visit the nearest Deutsche Bank branch and submit the following documents to avail of this facility.

  • Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) for the period covering interest payable and confirming the ‘tax residency’ of the payee.
  • Duly filled declaration advising the tax residency of the account holder.
  • PAN Card copy for all applicants.
  • Self attested copy of passport & visa.

Click here for format of declaration.

Please note:

  • The declaration should have details of all accounts where you are the primary applicant (NRO Savings Account & NRO Fixed deposits).
  • To avail of the facility for one complete financial year, you will have to provide the documents by 15th March of the previous year (Customers who have availed of the facility for one financial year will have to provide the documents again to avail of it in the next financial year as well).
  • If you do not submit your documents before 31st March, the DTAA benefit will not be applicable on the accounts for the next financial year (till such time that you submit the documents) and the tax rate will revert to the standard rate from 1st April.
  • If you provide the documents on any date during the financial year, the reduced tax rate will be applicable from that date.
  • Tax once deducted at 30% and remitted to tax authorities will in not be refunded on submitting documents subsequently.

More Fixed Deposit options

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