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Security for you and your family

SMS INS to 561615

Security for you and your family

SMS INS to 561615

Life insurance policy not only creates security for you and your family, but also lets you safeguard your standard of living in the later years of life.

Everyone, irrespective of age, gender, income, wealth etc. needs to be insured. Investment in insurance is required at all stages in life but the quantum of insurance changes as life progresses.

  • Young Professional: When you’re young and single you may have no financial responsibilities. However, as you grow older you will be assuming new roles and taking on larger responsibilities too. Buy a policy now while you're young and benefit from low premium rates for life. If you have any family member dependent on you for financial support then by all means you should consider life insurance.
  • Just Married: Married couples with no children need to plan ahead to ensure financial security for each other. Life insurance in such a case is an important investment. If both of you are sufficiently insured then the death of either spouse would not be financially catastrophic.
  • Married with kids: A single-income family with young children is the classic high-need situation. The family is dependent on the earning member for their total support, so insurance on that life is vital.
  • Nearing Retirement: You may have a pension and considerable assets that can generate good income after your retirement, however with suitable insurance planning you can sustain your standard of living more comfortably.

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