Domestic NRO Gold
Debit Card

Debit Cards

Enjoy the convenience of cashless shopping with the Domestic Gold Debit Card and earn gold rewards on your purchase.

Higher returns, every time.

Invest in 5 year Fixed Deposit and simple interest rate of 7.50% p.a.

Express Rewards

Earn 0.5 express rewards* for every Rs. 100 you spend on your card. You can earn maximum of 1250 express rewards in a calendar month.

You can redeem your reward points for a credit to your account by calling Deutsche Bank Customer Service on 1860 266 6601#. You need to accumulate a minimum of 250 points before redemption.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Normally, if you use your debit card to purchase fuel, you will be levied a surcharge of 2.5% on the transaction amount. However, if you are a Domestic Gold Debit Card customer, this charge will be waived* at all petrol pumps across the country.

*Reward Points - Terms and Conditions


Your Domestic Gold Debit Card comes to you at a joining fee of Rs. 500 only*.

Please contact your nearest Deutsche Bank AG, India branch for further details and charges applicable on your account.

* Annual charges may apply. Please refer to the 'Schedule of Charges'
** Service tax applicable


You can apply for a Domestic Gold Debit Card if you meet the following requirements:

—  18 years of age

—  Valid domestic accountholder

Frequently asked questions

Apply for Domestic NRO Gold Debit Card

Apply Online

Call 18602666601

#Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6660.
Customers in Mumbai can also call at 6601 6660. Call charges apply.