Magnus | Business Loans - Loans to fund working capital for business needs

Magnus, Business Loans - Loans to fund working capital for business needs

Magnus - Working Capital Finance

Every business big or small requires access to working capital. Working capital helps businesses meet their cashflow requirements and plan for growth and expansion.

- Overdraft and cash credit facility
- Foreign currency export and import finance
- Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee

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Depending on your specific requirements, we offer you services like Overdraft, Bill Discounting, Buyer’s Credit, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Forward Contracts or Forex Options.

Magnus offers the following services:

Business Lending

  • Working Capital Finance: Magnus facilitates your short term financing requirement in the form of Working capital finance secured by acceptable securities.
  • Loan against Property: We understand your ever increasing need for capital towards expanding your business. If you own a property, Deutsche Bank Loan against Property is just the right loan for you.
  • Lending against Liquid Securities: The investments you made for tomorrow can also help you make the most of today. You may avail of facilities against select asset classes in the form of Mutual Fund Units, Fixed Maturity Plans or Life Insurance Policies.
Export Services

  • Export Finance: Pre or Post shipment export finance may be availed in INR or Foreign currency (at Libor linked rates). Your export receivables can be discounted by negotiation under a Letter of Credit or against collection.
  • Export Bills for Collection: Routing export transactions through Deutsche Bank ensures speedy dispatch of documents & receipt of remittances.
  • Letter of Credit Confirmation: You can reduce bank & country risk effectively by enjoying the security of payment commitments from both the issuing bank & confirming bank.
Import Services

  • Import Financing: We can arrange buyers' credit financing through off-shore Deutsche Bank branches at Libor linked competitive rates.
  • Import Bills for Collection: Rely on our expertise in efficient & prompt handling of your Import bills for collection.
  • Issuance of Import Letter of Credit: You may avail of our expert guidance towards issuance of LCs against acceptable securities.
  • Bank Guarantees: We can issue various types of bank guarantees and Stand-by LCs based on your requirement against only 10% margin along with acceptable securities.
Foreign Exchange Services

  • Remittances: An extensive network of correspondent bank relationships with reputed international banks worldwide provides our customers facility of transacting anywhere, anytime.
  • EEFC Accounts (Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Accounts): You can now maintain monies in 8 currencies (USD / EUR / GBP / AUD / CHF / JPY / SGD / DKK) & utilize the balances for making outward remittances.

Mortgage Referral

Acceptable Securities

  • Fixed Deposit : Fixed deposits placed with us can be offered as security to avail of facilities at attractive rate of interest; Maximum funding upto 90% of the fixed deposit amount
  • Property : Residential or commercial property can be offered as collateral for funding your business needs; Maximum funding upto 100% value of residential property and 80% value of commercial property.
  • Mutual Fund Investments : Let your investments fund your dreams. You can avail of both, funded and non-funded facilities against your investments made in acceptable mutual fund schemes. Maximum funding upto 80% of the current market value
  • Life Insurance Policies : You can also avail of facilities for your business against the premium paid on your or your family members' life insurance policies. Maximum funding upto 90% of surrender value
  • Current Asset Hypothecation : Primary security shall be taken in the form of current assets (stocks and debtors) hypothecation, whenever the additional security is other than fixed deposits.

Documents Required

  • Application Form
  • Audited Financials - For last 3 years
  • IT returns - For last 3 years
  • Bank Statement - For last 6 months
  • Shareholding pattern
  • Copy of Sanction letter from current banker for existing facilities
  • KYC documents of promoters / Key directors / Proprietor / Partners. Click here for acceptable documents
  • Copy of Security documents
  • Any other document as may be required from time to time