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Bulk Beneficiary Upload

Bulk Beneficiary Upload feature is introduced on corporate online banking platform. This feature is currently available on specific request from client.

In current scenario maximum 25 beneficiaries can be added manually daily however with the help of this option additional 500 beneficiaries can be uploaded in a day.Client will be able to view Bulk Beneficiary Upload option under Transaction Support Services in Transaction tab.

Client needs to update beneficiary details in CSV file format. Transaction password and OTP will be required to do Bulk Beneficiary Upload.

Click here to view the sample CSV file for Bulk Beneficiary Upload.

  • Column A: Static which will not change
  • Column B: Beneficiary name and per account record
  • Column C: Beneficiary nick name (Avoid same nick name for different beneficiary)
  • Column D & E: Beneficiary account number
  • Column F:Beneficiary bank IFSC
  • Column G,H & I: Static which will not change