Deutsche Bank has referral tie-ups to provide you with investment opportunities in various fixed-income issuances from private sector & public sector enterprises.

You have the option to invest in:

- Government securities
- Public sector bonds
- Private sector bonds

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You can invest through:

  • Primary market
  • Secondary market - Benefits
  • Private placement

The instruments can be classified into the following segments based on the characteristics of the identity of the issuer of these securities:

Segment Issuer Instruments
Government securities Central government Zero coupon bonds, Coupon bearing bonds
State government Coupon bearing bonds, State development loans
Public sector bonds Government agencies /
Statutory bodies
Government guaranteed bonds, Debentures
Public sector units Tax-free bonds, PSU bonds, Debentures
Private sector  bonds Corporates Debentures, Bonds, Commercial paper, Fixed Deposits
Banks Debentures, Bonds
Financial Institutions Bonds, Fixed Deposits

The role of Deutsche Bank AG, India ("DB India") is limited to only referring your details to A.K. Capital Stockmart Pvt. Ltd. ("Service Provider"), for the Service Provider and the interested customer to independently engage with each other. DB, India has no control over and is not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of the Service Provider and the interested customer shall not hold DB India liable for any acts or omissions by the Service Provider. Any information contained in DB India’s brochure or other material and otherwise communicated by DB India shall not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation. All decisions to subscribe to any bond or securities is entirely yours and shall be based on your judgment keeping in mind your risk appetite and investment objectives. You are advised to take investment decisions after due consideration and in consultation with your investment consultant. DB India is not responsible for the transaction undertaken by the customer with the Service Provider after referral and the customer shall not hold DB India responsible for any loss that he / she may incur for / post entering into such transactions. Customers are requested to do their own research understand the risks before undertaking any transaction of investment in the bonds in secondary market as the investment will be subject to market, interest rate and credit risks.