ATM/Debit Cards Safety Tips

Safe Banking

Identity Scams - Be aware!

Criminals are well informed. Given below the different fraudulent methods practiced to steal money / account related information. Being prepared and knowing what to look for can help keep you from being a victim.

Skimming: Skimmers are devices used by criminals to capture data stored on the magnetic stripe of the ATM card. These devices are placed on or near the ATM’s actual card reader and are often difficult to detect. If anything about the card reader looks different or unusual, or if you see a sign asking you to swipe your card in a second reader, don’t use it. Notify police or your financial institution immediately.

Shoulder Surfing: This scam involves standing near or beside an ATM user in an effort to obtain a user’s personal identification number (PIN). Be aware of your surroundings and shield your PIN from onlookers view.

Fake PIN Pad Overlays: Fraudsters will use fake PIN pads placed over the actual keypad to capture your PIN as it is entered. Inspect the PIN pad on the ATM before you enter your PIN for anything unusual or if it appears to be easily removed. Alert bank personnel and/or police immediately if the PIN pad does not look correct.

Card Theft: Thieves use card trapping devices to obtain ATM cards. Fraudulent devices that may look like part of a card reader can be placed over the original card reader to trap the card for removal after you have left the ATM. If your card is not returned in case of a non dip card* machine after you have completed your transaction, do not re-enter your PIN number. Contact your bank immediately.

Cash Trapping: Criminals place false fronts on the cash presenter or the entire ATM to trap cash that is dispensed or deposited. Inspect the ATM for anything that seems unfamiliar and report any foreign objects found on the ATM to the bank and/or police.

Reporting fraudulent activity to the police and your bank will help deter criminal activity.