Standing instruction on your Debit Card

To safeguard consumers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has put in place new safety and security measures for card payments. 

Effective October 1, 2021, the Bank will NOT approve any Standing Instruction (E-Mandate for processing of recurring payments) given at Merchant Website/ App, on Deutsche Bank Debit Card unless it is as per RBI compliant process.

In accordance with the RBI Mandate Deutsche Bank has created a platform for its customers to manage Standing Instructions/ E-Mandate on their Debit Cards. 

Click here and follow the below steps to set up mandate on Debit Card: 

  • One-time sign-up process to create User ID and Password
  •  View all recurring payments set on your Debit Card
  •  Approve/ Decline a transaction
  •  Modify your Standing Instruction validity
  •  Modify the maximum transaction limit
  •  Cancel Standing Instruction 

Please note

Once the Standing Instruction is registered with merchants (who comply with the new RBI guidelines). 

  • An SMS notification at least 24 hours prior to the debit date will be sent to the customers on their registered mobile number along with the portal link to view/modify/cancel the Standing Instruction. 
  • On a transaction of value up to Rs. 15000, the Bank will process it without the need of OTP for validation
  • On a transaction of value above Rs. 15000, it will require OTP validation via pre debit (before the payment) notification. 
  • If customer fails to approve the debit authorisation it may result in the account not being debited towards the Standing Instruction.  


  • Timely payments: Easy to pay your bills/ subscriptions in a timely manner 
  • Easy to manage: Get alerts and reminders on your phone and set maximum limit for you bills