Cheque Book and Currency Handling

Safe Banking

  • The cheque leaves are payable at all Deutsche Bank branch locations.
  • Customer is requested to destroy the cheque leaf if there is a mistake in filing the details and issue new cheque(s) without any alterations. With a view to safeguard customer’s interest, the bank will return cheque issued with alterations.
  • Always keep the cheque book(s) in a safe place. If any cheque is lost or stolen, you should notify the Bank immediately giving the cheque number.
  • To stop payment of lost or stolen cheque(s) of your account, you should immediately instruct the Bank in writing to refuse the payment, giving the cheque number(s), date amount and payee’s name. Alternatively, you may call our 24/7 Phone Banking team at 1860 266 6601# for stop payment of the cheque(s). Stop payment of cheque(s) can also be requested through db OnlineBanking facility.
  • Request for issuance of a new cheque book can be placed through Deutsche Bank ATMs, db OnlineBanking and Phone Banking. You can also give a written request for the same at any of the Deutsche Bank branches by filling up the cheque book requisition form.
  • At the time of account closure of your account with Deutsche Bank , unused cheque leaves should be destroyed at your end or returned to the bank.
  • Blank cheque(s) should not be issued or given to anyone. Under no circumstances cheque(s) should be given to unknown person(s) in exchange for cash. To prevent fraud, while writing a cheque, the amount both in words and figures must begin as close to the left-hand margin as possible, so that other words or figures cannot be inserted.
  • For more security non-bearer cheques should be crossed with two parallel lines. In case, you are aware of the name of the payee bank to whom you wish to send or pay a cheque, you should write the name of the bank in the crossing before the words”.”, & Co. The cheque will then be paid only to that particular bank. RBI guidelines will be adhered to by the Deutsche Bank with regard to monitoring of Accounts with frequent dishonour of cheques.

Note: Please note that ‘Nomination facility’ is available at Deutsche Bank. For more information, please contact your nearest Deutsche Bank Branch or you may also call our 24/7 Phone Banking team at 18602666601#

  • What are the legal provisions relating to printing and circulation of forged banknotes?
    Counterfeiting banknotes / using as genuine, forged or counterfeit banknotes / possession of forged or counterfeit banknote / making or possessing instruments or materials for forging or counterfeiting banknotes making or using documents resembling banknotes are offences under Sections 489A to 489E of the Indian Penal Code and are punishable in the Courts of Law by fine or imprisonment ranging from seven years to life imprisonment or both, depending on the offence.
  • How does one differentiate between a genuine banknote and forged / counterfeit banknote?
    The banknote on which the features of genuine banknotes are not available / absent can be suspected to be counterfeit banknotes and examined minutely.

For further information on banknotes and other details, please visit the RBI website.

#Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601. Customers in Mumbai can also at +91 22 6601 6601. Call charges apply.