UPI is a secure platform for payments. But with a rise in financial fraud, it is important to be more vigilant than ever before. 

Exercise caution with UPI Safety Shield tips to protect your money.

  • Do not reveal your log in ID, password or other sensitive information to anyone 
  • Verify the person's UPI ID before you make any payments 
  • Enter your UPI PIN only on the UPI PIN page and never share it with anyone 
  • To receive money, you do not need to enter your UPI PIN/ password or scan a QR code. If you are asked to enter such information, it means that the money will be deducted
  • Do not forget to verify the debited amount on your SMS
  • Use UPI help section in the UPI app itself for transaction related concerns

Remember, safety of your money is in your hands.

Report Fraud

Click here to report a fraud online

SMS “FRAUD” to 561615 from your registered mobile number

Email us at report.fraud@list.db.com