db DirectDebit

Terms and Conditions - db DirectDebit

  • These terms and conditions are applicable to all online transactions undertaken by customers (“Accountholders”) involving debit to their savings / current account maintained / issued with / by Deutsche Bank AG, India (“Bank”) for making payments in respect of products / services availed from third party websites (“Merchant Websites”) using the online banking facility (“Direct Debit Facility”) of the Bank.
  • In addition to the terms and conditions stipulated herein, the Direct Debit Facility shall also be subject to General Business Conditions, terms and conditions applicable for services through Alternate Channels, rules for conduct of accounts and other terms and conditions as may be issued by the Bank from time to time as well as the rules and regulations introduced or amended from time to time by Reserve Bank of India.
  • The Accountholder understands and agrees that the Bank is merely facilitating payments for the orders placed by the Accountholders on the Merchant Websites and is not associated in any manner whatsoever with the marketing / sale of products / services offered on the Merchant Websites. The Bank holds no warranty and makes no representation regarding the delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of products / services.
  • All queries and / or disputes with respect to the products / services shall be raised directly with the Merchant Websites and must be addressed to the Merchant Websites only. The Bank shall not be responsible for any refund claimed by the Accountholder in the event the Accountholder is not satisfied with the product / services for any reason whatsoever.
  • The Accountholder hereby acknowledges that the Direct Debit Facility depends on various electronic equipment and technology used from time to time. There could be delays and snags in receipt/transmission of any orders or other instructions of the Accountholder. The Bank does not hold any warranty including warranty of error free performance, on-time execution, quality of service, etc. in respect of execution of the orders under the Direct Debit Facility. The Bank shall not be held liable or responsible for any failure or delay, whether directly or indirectly caused by any circumstances beyond the  control of the Bank, including, but not limited to, acts of God, systems and communications breakdowns, failure or disruption in performance of any system or equipment, orders or restrictions, war or warlike conditions, hostilities, sanctions, mobilizations, blockades, embargoes, detentions, revolutions, riots, looting, strikes, stoppages of labour, lockouts or other labour troubles, earthquakes, fires, accidents or unavailability of systems / network connectivity/telecom connectivity. The Bank shall not be liable or responsible to the Accountholder for any loss, damage whether direct or indirect, costs, charges or expenses, due to or occasioned by  delay / inability to execute within stipulated time, under any circumstances.
  • The Accountholder shall not divulge any confidential information including IPIN, or debit card number on the Merchant Websites and will not hold the Bank liable or responsible for any losses caused in the event of breach of this covenant.
  • The Accountholder shall be responsible for verifying the authenticity of the Merchant Website and be responsible for information inputted by the Accountholder on the Bank’s website including information like order number, site-name/domain-name etc. The Accountholder shall be responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies and the Bank shall not have any responsibility to verify the authenticity or validity of the information.
  • The Bank may refuse to honor instructions made by the Accountholder to transfer funds to the Merchant Website for whatsoever reason.
  • The Direct Debit Facility shall be available only for such Merchant Websites as identified and communicated by the Bank from time to time.  The Bank in its sole discretion will be entitled to discontinue services with any of the Merchant Websites and in the event of such circumstances, refuse to make payments to such Merchant Websites. It shall be the sole responsibility of the Accountholder to update themselves on a regular basis on the details of such websites on which these services can be utilized.
  • The Bank has sole discretion to place any limits from time to time on the following and the Accountholder hereby undertakes to abide by the same:
    o Number of transactions undertaken by the Accountholder in a particular period.
    o Aggregate payments made for a particular transaction.
  • In the event of misuse of transaction password / IPIN or any alleged fraudulent use of the Accountholder’s account, the Accountholder shall be solely responsible for all the loss caused thereby and shall not hold the Bank responsible for any losses whatsoever.