Phone Banking Safety Tips

Safe Banking
Being aware of Vishing is an important part of banking safely. Vishing (or voice phishing) is when fraudsters obtain personal details through the phone asking the recipient of the call to reveal or key-in confidential details. Fraudsters could contact you via calls, text messages, voice messages, etc. Please ensure that you do not respond to such unsolicited communication.

You know that it is an attempt at vishing when:

  • You receive promotional messages asking you to provide confidential information.
  • You receive calls made from persons claiming to be bank representatives who do not know your first and last name and ask for your account information.
  • You receive automated calls telling you that transactions have taken place in your account and instructing you to either provide confidential bank account information or call back on a particular number.

While talking to Phone Banking officers:

  • Never disclose:
    • ATM PIN (personal identification number)
    • TPIN (telephone banking password)
    • OTP (one-time password)
    • IPIN (internet banking password)
    • CVV (card verification value)
  • Ensure that no one sees you entering your TPIN on the phone.
  • Avoid giving verification details aloud in a public place.
  • Do not transfer the line or hand over the phone to third party after completing self-authentication as the Phone Banking channel is meant to be used by the account holder only.

Note: Please note that Deutsche Bank does not call and seek any of your confidential information. However, our officers from Deutsche Bank customer care may call you in response to your request / query / complaint made to the Bank and seek your personal information for verification and authentication purpose only. Please note that the personal information sought for verification and authentication purpose shall not include any of your confidential information such as ATM PIN, TPIN, OTP, IPIN, CVV as given above.