Keep track of your banking account on the move

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Keep track of your banking account on the move

Keep track of your banking account on the move. You can not only apply for any Deutsche Bank product or service but also receive important SMS alerts on your mobile anytime, anywhere.


Track your account on the move with instant alerts on SMS and Email for all your transactions with Deutsche Bank's Alert facility. You will receive Alerts on your mobile number or / and email ID registered with us.
This service is currently free of any charge. Personalize your Alert Profile by selecting the type of transaction, transaction limit for getting alerts or unsubscribe from Deutsche Bank Alerts service, anytime you wish. Simply login to db OnlineBanking and update the 'Alerts Profile' under 'Profile Update' section

We have the following types of Alerts that you can subscribe:

Type of Alert

Alert description

Fixed Deposit maturity alert
Intimation on your fixed deposit maturity will be sent 10 days before the maturity date
Stop Cheque alert Confirmation of successful processing of your stop cheque instruction
Cheque Return alert Information alert when a cheque deposited in your account returns unpaid (for outward clearing)
Cheque Cleared alert Information alert when funds from a cheque deposited are credited to your account (for outward clearing)
New Bill alert Intimation of a new bill due for payment for your biller registered with the Bank 
Bill Payment alert Information when payment towards your biller registered with the Bank, fails or is processed successfully
Bill Payment reminder alert  Reminder alert to inform you about bills waiting for your acceptance in db OnlineBanking. You can decide the day when you want to be reminded
Loan Disbursal alert  Information alert when the loan amount is disbursed to your preferred bank account as per your instructions
EMI Due alert Reminder alert to inform you about your EMI payment due on your Deutsche Bank loan account, 5 days prior to the due date 
Transaction password expiry alert Information about the expiry of your db OnlineBanking transaction password will be sent 7 days before expiry
Transaction alert Information alert for transactions** done on your account. You can choose to receive an alert for Debit, Credit or both transactions. Additionally, you can change the threshold limit to Rs. 0 / 2000 / 3000 / 5000. Please note that the changes will take 1 working day to be effected.  Default threshold limit of INR 1 is set for receiving an alert on your transacting account.
Service request alerts The customer gets an alert once his service request is raised with the bank. Any delays or extension of turn around time in service delivery and service request closure is also alerted to the customer on his registered Mobile and/or Email Id.

Sample Transaction Alert

INR 35,000.00 withdrawn from a/c 40XXXXXXXXX0019 on 08/AUG 10:55 for NET/NEFT/Anil Sharma/ABER000123. Clear Balance: INR 75,000.00.

Please note that the 'Clear Balance' of your account does not include the following amounts: Funds in Flexi Fixed Deposits, Pooled funds / Overdraft funds, Lien amounts (if any) and Funds from deposited Cheques which are under clearing.

Please note that some transactions are excluded from transaction alerts. These transactions are:

  • Money sweep-in / sweep-out of your Flexi Fixed Deposits - These transactions refers to the money transfer between your FFD and Savings Account.
  • Repayment credits - Interest generated on the Sweep-in transactions.
  • Sweep Closure transaction - When you opt out of the FFD facility, an entry is passed in the system as Sweep Closure.
  • Overdraft pooling - In case of overdraft facility, transactions between the Customer’s Savings Account and the overdraft account for regularizing of funds.

Personalize your Alert Profile

You can choose the type of transaction, transaction limit for getting alerts or unsubscribe from Deutsche Bank Alerts service, anytime you wish. Simply login to db OnlineBanking and update the 'Alerts Profile' under 'Profile Update' section.

Update your mobile number / email ID

In case you need to update your mobile number / email ID please contact our 24/7 Phone Banking team on 1860 266 6601#. You can also update your contact information by logging in to db OnlineBanking.

Alternatively you can update your Email ID by sending an SMS to 561615 in the following format: 
<UPDATE> <your Email ID> <Customer ID>

Click here to view the terms and conditions of Deutsche Bank Alerts service.

# Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601 . Customers in Mumbai can also call at 6601 6601. Call charges apply.

Email ID Updation

You can provide or update your preferred email ID by sending an SMS to 561615 from your mobile number that is registered with us.
Send the SMS in the following format: UPDATE <email ID> <customer ID>.

Please note:
Your email ID update request will be processed only if the email ID is sent through the mobile number registered with us. If your mobile number is not updated, please update it by logging in to db OnlineBanking or call our 24/7 phone banking team on 18602666601#.

#Customers outside India need to dial +91 2266016601. Customers in Mumbai can also call at 66016601. Call charges apply.

Apply for products and services

If you are interested in any of our products, simply send the product keyword as an SMS to 561615 and we will get in touch with you.



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