Safe Banking

Beware of fictitious emails claiming to be from RBI!

There have been increasing instances of emails that pose as correspondence from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Fraudsters are using RBI’s corporate logo / name and even the photograph of the Governor of RBI in their emails to convince victims of the authenticity of the messages.

The fraudsters deceptively promise a security update or protection of the victim’s online banking activities. They also persuade victims to make a payment into a specified bank account towards charges for claiming prize money / winnings from lotteries or ask customers to divulge their personal and financial account information. This is a trap to lure ignorant customers.

Once the customer provides his confidential bank account details to the fraudster by email, the fraudster gains access to the customer’s bank account and transfers the balance in the account to his account.

Please note:

  • RBI does not hold any accounts for individuals.
  • Beware of impersonated names of RBI officials.
  • Nobody from RBI calls up people about lottery winnings / funds received from abroad.
  • RBI does not send any emails intimating award of lottery funds, etc.
  • RBI does not send any sms or letter or email to communicate fictitious offers of lottery winnings or funds received from abroad.
  • The only official and genuine website of the Reserve Bank of India is ( and the public may be careful and not get misled by fake websites with similar addresses beginning with ‘Reserve Bank’, ‘RBI’, etc., along with fake logos.
  • Inform local police or cyber crime authority about such frauds.

Call our 24-hour Phone Banking number at 18602666601# if you need any clarity in this regard.

Please refer to RBI circulars on this subject.

Be vigilant and protect yourself from falling prey to such emails.

#This is not a toll free number and call charges will apply. Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6601. Customers in Mumbai can also call at +91 22 6601 6601.