It's important to see through imposters

Learn a few tips on keeping your money safe

Learn a few tips on keeping your money safe

Safe Banking

Protect your money from fraudsters who try to swindle unwarranted payments from you.

Stay alert and beware of imposters who pose as authoritative entities. In an impersonation fraud scheme the imposter usually pretends to have authority to request a payment from another party.

Do not let anyone deceive you. Exercise caution and verify the authenticity of the source diligently before making a payment. 

Be mindful when responding to strangers

  • Avoid responding to fraudulent calls or messages that ask you to download unauthorised, third-party applications or make changes to your phone settings.

Remove unused apps from your phone

  • Delete or log out from remote access applications (apps that let you remotely control a computer by taking over its mouse and keyboard) on your phone and laptop if they remain unused.

Verify the authenticity of contacts found on Google

  • Be cautious of customer service numbers that are available on Google and check if the sources are legitimate.

Guard your passwords

  • Do not save the passwords to your banking services on your devices.

Secure your banking apps

  • Add an app lock and strong passwords to your mobile banking apps.

Verify before you respond

  • Do not forward or respond to unsolicited messages from a representative of a company or bank without verifying their identity.

Be careful when sharing

  • Avoid posting your private information like mobile number, address, date of birth, etc on social media.

Report Fraud

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