Unsubscription Policy

Please note Deutsche Bank AG, India ('Bank') will be entitled to contact you for any account / card or other product / service related information which has been availed by you from the Bank.

Following is a list of e-mails sent by the Bank:

  • Promotional offers - This email communicates various banking promotional offers from  the Bank. It is sent from the email ID promotions@email.deutschebank.co.in
  • Investment account e-statement -   This is a monthly email which communicates details of all Investments made through  the Bank. It is sent through the email ID deutschebank.india@db.com    
  • Bank account e-statement - This is a monthly email which communicates details of all transactions on your Deutsche Bank Account. It is sent through the email ID deutschebank.india@db.com
  • Service alerts - This email is sent to inform you about important service alerts related to your account. It is sent through the email ID information@email.deutschebank.co.in (Please note that it is not possible to unsubscribe from these emails).

If you wish to unsubscribe from any of the above mentioned emails please write to us at customer.care@db.com (for bank accounts) , with the subject line 'unsubscribe'. Please specify the email type from which you would like to be unsubscribed to e.g. Promotional Offers.

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Please note that the email ID that you write to us from will be unsubscribed from our records. For example, if you write to us from abc@xyz.com mentioning that you do not want to receive promotional offers  then the email ID abc@xyz.com will not receive any promotional offer emails.

The Bank will undertake best efforts to process your request within 30 working days to ensure that you do not receive any further e-mails from that ID.