Infinite Debit Card

Frequently asked questions

How can the card be used at a Merchant Establishment?

To use your Debit Card at a Merchant Establishment:

Step 1: Look for the Visa, Visa Electron signs while shopping, dining or while on holiday.

Step 2: Buy whatever you want

Step 3: Make sure the cashier swipes the Card on the Electronic Terminal.

Step 4: Sign on the charge slip only after confirming the amount and details on the slip.

What are the charges for using the Infinite Debit Card?

  • There is no charge if the debit card is used at a Deutsche Bank ATM.
  • There is no charge if the debit card is used at a retail outlet for purchases. However, for use at petrol pumps and railway stations, a surcharge of 2.5% of the purchase value shall be applicable as per industry standards. The surcharge of 2.5% on fuel purchases is waived for Deutsche Bank Infinite Debit Cardholders.
  • For transactions at VISA / PLUS ATMs, the following charges apply:
  Transaction  Domestic Transaction*  International Transaction
 Balance Enquiry  Nil  Rs. 35
 Cash Withdrawal  Nil  Rs. 115**

* Free for Private Banking Infinity customers.

** Please note that these charges are not applicable for transactions at the ATMs of Global Alliance partners. You can access your account free of cost at these ATMs.

  • The maximum petrol surcharge waiver per Deutsche Bank Infinite Debit Card in a calendar month will be restricted to Rs. 1,000.
  • In case customer has crossed the threshold of Rs. 1,000 in a calendar month, his / her account will be debited for the differential amount in the same month or in the subsequent month at the discretion of Deutsche Bank. In case sufficient balance is not available in the account to absorb the debit, in addition to exercise of other rights of Deutsche Bank, a lien will be marked in the customer's account and the debit will be posted as and when balance is available.

What are the annual fees for the Infinite Debit Card?

Infinite Debit Card is being offered free of cost to Private Banking Infinity customers with a relationship value (AUM) >= Rs. 1 crore with Deutsche Bank. Please note that in case customers are unable to retain status as Private Banking Infinity, and would like to still continue with the Infinite Debit Card, a charge of Rs. 5,000 per annum will be levied for the Infinite Debit Card from the subsequent annual billing cycle.

How many accounts can I link to my debit card?

You can link up to 4 accounts to your debit card.

What is the validity period of the debit card?

The debit card will be valid for a period of six years from the date of issue.

What are the daily limits on the debit card?

Deutsche Bank gives you the flexibility to decide the daily limit you want for transactions at ATMs and merchant establishments.

You have a choice of five different daily limits (Rs. 25,000, Rs. 50,000, Rs. 1,00,000, Rs. 1,50,000, Rs. 2,00,000, Rs. 2,50,000, Rs. 3,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000) from which you can select your preferred option at the time of opening your account.

Note: These limits are subject to availability of funds in the linked accounts and general terms and conditions for use of debit cards apply.

What should I do if I lose my debit card?

If you want to report the loss or theft of your debit card, please call our Phone Banking team at 1860 266 6601#

This number is the same across all cities in India. The Phone Banking number will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The debit card will be deactivated as soon as you inform the Call Centre. This would prevent any misuse of the debit card.

#Customers outside India need to dial +91 22 6601 6660. Customers in Mumbai can also call at 6601 6660. Call charges apply.

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