Important Information

Interest rate range for contracted loans advanced to individual borrowers

Data published is for loans granted to individual borrowers during the period 1st October, 2018 to 31st December, 2018.

Floating Rate

Product Rate Range Mean Interest Rate
Home Loan 09.15% to 09.45% 09.29%
Home Loan Top Up  09.30% to 09.75% 09.47%
Loan Against Property 09.25% to 10.25% 09.90%
Loan for Commercial Property 09.70% to 10.00% 09.87%
Personal Loan 09.99% to 11.49% 10.23%
Loan Against Securities 08.80% to 09.85% 09.23%

Fixed / Semi Fixed Rate

Product Rate Range Mean Interest Rate
Personal Loan 10.49% to 12.49% 10.89%
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