Online Bill Payment

Frequently asked questions

What is bill payment?

Bill payment is a facility provided by Deutsche Bank through which you can pay your utility bills, insurance premiums etc. online through your Savings / Current account. You can pay bills as per the available funds in your operative account. This is a quick and easy method to pay your bills on time and within the comfort of your home or office.

What bills can I pay using this facility?

You can pay bills for all the registered billers of Deutsche Bank. For a complete list of billers, click here.

What are the various payment options available for bill payment?

There are two payment options available for the bill payment facility:
  • View and Pay: In ‘View and Pay’ you can view your bills online before you make payments. Simply register your biller details and wait for your bill to appear online. You will be notified about the presentment of your online bill by SMS / Email on your registered mobile number and Email ID. You can then provide instructions to Deutsche Bank to debit your account and make payments to the service provider on your behalf. Please note that since the bill is presented, the biller normally does not accept part payments and late payments. The payment can be made only when the bill is generated and presented to you.
  • Pay at Once: ‘Pay at Once’ is the simplest method of paying your bills. You can make a payment instantly based on the physical bill. All you have to do is provide the desired biller details and enter the amount you wish to pay. As your payments are not linked to any bill, you can choose to pay any amount and not necessarily the exact amount mentioned in your bill.
    All you need to do is register the biller and start making payments immediately afterwards.

Do all the billers offer both the payment options?

No, not all billers provide both the payment options. Some billers offer only the ‘Pay at Once’ option while others offer only the ‘View and Pay’ option. Some billers offer both these options.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is an additional bill payment feature for all 'View and Pay' billers wherein you can set instructions to auto-debit your account for payments against bills presented by the biller, on the due date. You can setup a limitless auto-debit instruction, where bills for any amount will be scheduled for payment. In case you wish to review the bills above a certain amount before making payments, then you may also setup a limited auto-debit instruction. Bills within the limit will automatically be scheduled for payment on the due-date. In case the bill amount is more than the specified limit then the bill will wait in your db OnlineBanking account for you to review it and set payment instructions. 'AutoPay' payments will be carried out against your chosen account, subject to the availability of funds.

Can I alter my AutoPay instructions once set?

You can alter your AutoPay instructions through db OnlineBanking for a Biller at any point in time. If you wish to cancel or change a current bill scheduled through AutoPay, then you need not alter your AutoPay instructions as a whole. You can simply make the change in the pending payments list.

Can I schedule my bill payments on a date of my choice?

On db OnlineBanking you have two modes of making payments according to your convenience - Instant or Scheduled.

‘Instant Payment’ allows you to debit your account instantly. The payment is sent to the biller the next working day. ‘Schedule Payment’ allows you to set payment instructions for a future date. Please note that AutoPay instructions schedule the payment of your bill on the due date of the bill. At any point in time, before the due date, you can prepone that payment or convert the scheduled payment to an instant payment.

It takes about 2-3 days for your payments to reflect in the biller’s account. We request you to make / schedule payments accordingly.

When is my scheduled payment processed?

Your scheduled payment is processed on the specified scheduled date, in the evening. The payment is sent to the biller on the next working day.

How much time does it take to process my payments?

It takes approximately 2-3 working days for the payments to be processed.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes you can cancel a scheduled payment from the pending payments option under the bill payment section of db OnlineBanking.

Should the scheduled date be the date on which the payment is actually due?

It is advisable that your scheduled date be at least 3 working days before the due date, since it takes billers a couple of days to update their records with the electronic payment received from Deutsche Bank.

Can I make payments after the due date or can I pay my bill in multiple transactions?

Most billers do not allow the facility to make part payments and do not accept payments after the due date, especially billers offering the 'View and Pay' (presentment type) payment option. However, billers offering the 'Pay at Once' payment option accept part payments and payments after due-date.

Will I still receive my paper bill?

You will continue to receive your physical bill  from the biller as always as per your arrangement with the biller, even after registering for the service with us.

Will I be charged for using this facility?

The facility of bill payment is offered free of  cost to the customer.
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