db DirectDebit enables you to make payments on various websites from your Deutsche Bank Savings or Current Account. This facility is also called 'Net Banking' option in some of these third party websites.

Use your Deutsche Bank Savings or Current Account to make online purchases and also earn express rewards. From paying utility bills, insurance premia, travel bookings, movie ticket bookings to shopping online, a lot of your transactions are supported by db DirectDebit facility.

All you need to remember is your db OnlineBanking login and transaction passwords.

  • The entire transaction is done on the secure Deutsche Bank website, and not on the merchant website.
  • This payment option is faster than paying through other modes of payment as you only need to enter the login, transaction passwords and OTP (One Time Password).                       

Terms and Conditions

How to use?

Follow the simple steps below to make your payment using db DirectDebit facility:

  • Select Net Banking or Internet Banking as your payment option on the website where you need to make the online payment.
  • Choose Deutsche Bank from the list of banks to come to the secure Deutsche Bank website.
    Enter your customer ID (and user ID for corporate customers) and login password to get the list of bank accounts to make the payment from.
  • After selecting the debiting account, enter your transaction password and one time password (OTP) sent on your registered contact details to complete the payment.
  • Once the transaction password is authenticated, the purchase amount will be debited from the selected bank account, and you will be redirected to the merchant website for confirmation of purchase.
  • The bank will send you alert on your registered mobile number and email ID notifying you of the transaction.

Frequently asked questions

What is db DirectDebit?

db DirectDebit is the facility offered by Deutsche Bank to enable its customers to make online payments at various merchant websites. You can use your Deutsche Bank Savings or Current account to make online purchases at these merchant websites. There is no need to remember your debit card details. All you need to remember is your db OnlineBanking login details and transaction password.

How to use db DirectDebit?

The steps to use db DirectDebit are:
  • Visit any of the merchant websites offering db DirectDebit.
  • Select the product or service that you would like to pay for.
  • From the payment options offered by the merchant website, select Net Banking or Internet Banking as your payment option and choose Deutsche Bank NetBanking.
  • On selection, you will be directed to the db DirectDebit page.Enter your Customer ID, User ID (for corporate customers only), accept Terms and Conditions and click on Submit.
  • Enter your login password.
  • Select the account through which you wish to make the payment and confirm the transaction with your transaction password.
  • After the purchase amount is debited from your account and you will be redirected to the merchant website to complete the purchase.

How do I know if my account has been debited or not?

You need to login to db OnlineBanking and check your account statement. A db DirectDebit transaction will be narrated in the following format - INET/PAY/<merchant name> /<transaction ref ID>. If you see such a transaction then your account has been debited.

Do my db DirectDebit transactions come under the ambit of the Daily Debit Limit in db OnlineBanking?

Yes, your db DirectDebit transactions are subject to the daily debit limit set for your account in db OnlineBanking.

I cannot see my accounts online on the db DirectDebit page while trying to do a transaction?

Only those accounts which have been enabled for transactions on db OnlineBanking would be allowed on db DirectDebit.

What is the time taken for the merchant website to receive the funds paid?

For most merchants, your funds are credited to the merchant’s account instantly. For some merchants, the funds are transferred manually, which may have a TAT of 1 working day.
*db DirectDebit facility for corporate customer is available for accounts with mode of operation as ‘Single’ only. Nevertheless, the corporate can have controls over the amount of db DirectDebit transaction assigned to a group. For instance, the senior management team within the corporate can opt for higher limits while the lower hierarchy can be given lesser limits.

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